2,000 Reads Celebration


To say thank you, I’ve got a little giveaway going on. Be sure to follow the entire time it’s live, because I’ll be adding opportunities to earn entries every couple of days! Thanks for all the support you’ve shown JADED RAGE!

I have had a BLAST getting to know my way around Wattpad and getting to meet all you awesome authors and readers!

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#Giveaway Time . . . #WattpadBlockParty

Wow. 100 giveaways are live now. Including mine!!  I’m giving away two chances at Amazon Gift Cards and other fun stuff.

CLICK HERE to get to mine.

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Join the month-long party over at Wattpad. Follow the story and get notified of each update, which means meeting new authors, new giveaways, and tons of fun!!  Just click Add to Library and you’re set!

Have fun, comment a lot, and most of all ENJOY! You’ll find tons of new authors to read. And that’s always awesome!

Happy Reading, my friends!