On marathoning….

Hey, everyone, Rachel Clark here. Lynn wrote about me in Tainted Cadence. I figured I’d stand in for Lynn today since she’s out running around at the half-marathon today. 

It’s kind of fitting, actually, considering I’m a triathlete. 

Though I don’t think Lynn struggles with the whole seeing-auras-thing. It’s really distracting while trying to run a race for sure. Well, maybe she does see auras because was able to really understand me when I told her about it for her story…


Now I’ve run a *few* half-marathons in my years of racing, and there’s always one thing in common with them all:

Pre-race jitters

And yep, Lynn had them! She looked a little nervous this morning. 

When I get nervous before a race I concentrate on something soothing.   

And right now, it’s my training partner (and hopefully soon my sweetheart) Brandon Parks. 

There’s just something about his calm, rock-solid demeanor. He’s an athlete, too, so he knows just what I need to help me relax and focus.

And he’s even not squeamish to hug me when I’m all sweaty from a monster-run or workout. 

What do you guys do to stay calm when you’re freaking out about something? 

5 thoughts on “On marathoning….

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I get nervous when speaking in front of people, and I teach at a college. 🙂 So, the better prepared I am, the better I feel about it. And I try the deep breaths technique in simplified form (Just breathe deep). 🙂

    Tell Lynn good luck!

    • Hi, Lindsay. I think Lynn would say the same thing. She loves hanging out with her characters, writing their stories! 🙂

  2. I get a bit nervous when alot of people are around. I try to breathe deep & if possible stand outside or try to get to a comfortable spot so I am in a corner. I don’t like to be in the middle of a crowd. I guess I would not do good in a marathon. I might win though, trying to run away from all of the people. Good luck!!!—Rachel

    • Hi, Rachel. NICE name by the way. Yes, those race areas do get a little busy for sure!! Once you get through that it gets better 🙂

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