#Tainted Playlist

Hey, everyone. Jessica here!

While Lynn’s recovering from surgery, her characters are taking over her blog!

And today is my day!

We all know Lynn loves her music. She’s got some cool favorites like Skillet, Red, P!nk (who I love, too, actually). So, I figured I’d share her TAINTED playlist with you.

While Durk and I were separated, I listened to a particular song, and I thought I’d drive my friend, Rain, NUTS! But it was a song that reminded me of Durk. And while he was lost all those months, I had to try and hold on to him somehow, right?

See if you can guess the song based on the playlist below. I’ll give you a hint…he made that “my” song when he first saw my eyes go white during one of my “Merus” moments…

Here’s the playlist courtesy of Youtube:


What kind of music do you like?


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