Take a beat #TheRunningWriter

Whenever I’ve thought of the desert, I’ve always pictured super hot heat, cactus and dust.

Dry, dry, dry.

So when I moved the desert I was excited to check out this crazy climate. I’ve lived in the desert for 12 years now, and it feels like I’ve never seen so many rainbows before.

Yeah. Rainbows mean there is water in the air right? Here in the desert? What the heck?

Or maybe I’m just slowing down to take time to look around me. You know, see what’s going on around me.

Some people call this step-back time, “Take a beat.”

It’s kind of like taking a minute out of the business to see what’s around you. Take a breath. A break. Just stop and be.

I take a break from reality by trail running, but that’s still being super active. So part of my routine is to take a while in the mornings, no music, no TV, no one around, and I just sit. I do a little devotion, I do a little praying, and I write my little #TheRunningWriter deal.

It’s peaceful and quiet–unless the coyotes are yipping in the wash behind my house. LOL.

The point is, we all have to take a beat on a regular basis so we can hear through the noise. So we can sift through the busyness and activities that fill our days.

I need it to stay peaceful and not lose my way. It’s easy to take a wrong turn into unproductive stuff when I’m distracted.

So take a beat, my friends, you might unexpectedly see a rainbow.

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