Telekinesis or Telepathy…

You all know by now that I write paranormal romance. That pretty much means that my characters often have some special abilities. Sometimes they’re happy about it…sometimes not so much. **grin**

Usually they end up coming around.ย 

If YOU had to choose between Telekinesis or Telepathy, which psychic ability would you want?

I’m leaning toward the telekinesis. It’d be pretty cool to move things with my mind. With telepathy, I could hear something from someone’s head that might mentally scar me for life! I mean, there are some pretty sick people out there, right? **LOL**

I think that’s why I liked PUSH so much:

Remember that movie? ย I loved it. Lots of action and super powers. My kind of movie.

Or how about this one: JUMPER.

Lots of crazy super powers out there, huh?? I think Telekinesis wins out for me. How ’bout you?


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