Thank you, hope.

I’m a pretty positive person. I think it’s because I have hope.

Hope in people.

Hope in disappointment.

Even hope in death.

I truly believe that in every experience we can find hope. We can find growth.

It comes down to how you look at things. If you look through the lens of negativity, things that happen to you can lead to “poor me” and “everyone’s out to get me” attitudes.

There’s not much peace in that viewpoint. It can be tiring and depressing.

If I’ve learned anything this past year, hardships will find you. Sorrow and pain will find you. But if you’re grounded in faith, hope and love, you can weather these storms.

It won’t be easy and you won’t always be able to stay 100% positive in every situation, but you’ll have a fighting chance at least.

Thank you, hope, for the peace you bring!

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