14 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man…

    1. MIB does look good. I might have to show that one here on the blog next time! 🙂 I’m so NOT psyched to see Dark Shadows. Just didn’t strike a chord with me. LOL!

  1. I want to see Dark Shadows. I used to watch to re-make of the series. It is on Netflix so I re watched it. It is funny to see the clothes & hair. I also want to see American Reunion & my boys want to see The Avengers. It is 80 degrees here so I am going to enjoy the weather & read a book outside, Have a good one. —Rachel

  2. Probably will have some good effects, but looks like sort of a retelling of the earlier movie with the other actor.
    Not keeping up with movies too much these days so I’m not really looking forward to any.

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    1. Yeah. This kind of surprised me. As is the Superman, Man of Steel—I’m like, Really?? I mean, it looks good, probably will be, but how many times are they going to remake these movies??

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