The Arizona Pain Train

Cancer entered our lives on November 26th, 2010 when my mother in law, Lynn, for whom I’m named after, was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. Two surgeries and one round of chemo later she died–October 24th, 2011. She was such an inspiration to me, hence my taking her name as my pen name.

Within a month after Lynn died, my dear friend Sandy, was diagnosed with stage four uterine cancer. Two rounds of chemo and one round of radiation later, she’s holding on strong. Such a pillar of faith.

Enter the third time cancer touched my life. My step-mom. Penny has been a part of my family for over sixteen years. She loves my dad with all her heart and helped him step into his faith. She was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma on May 10th, 2012. She was all set to do the Ragbrai ride across Iowa starting July 21st, 2012. That’s about 480 miles across the state of Iowa. But the cancer has left her partially immobile. So…I’m taking her place! I’m going to do the ride for her, and we’re going to raise a TON of money for cancer research and treatment.

Enter American Cancer Society. They’re one of the most reputable organization to help with cancer research and treatment. So, dig deep into your pockets my friends.

Doesn’t matter how big or little the gift. EVERY PENNY COUNTS! I dedicate this ride to all those who have cancer and are facing an up-hill battle. But to you, Lynn, Penny, and Sandy, this is for you!

I’m so excited to do this, yet terrified. I’m not a camper, and each night we’ll be tent-camping.

Any hints?????


CLICK HERE for our American Cancer Society Page.   CLICK HERE for our Facebook Page

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  2. My only advise to you is, it is much less scarier to go through cancer than to go camping. Just keep that in mind when you start to feel nervous. We were going through tests to see if a family member had cancer & thank god they are not. It is a difficult thing to think about. I am keeping your friend & family in my prayers. And a special prayer for you when you go to Iowa. —Rachel

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