The Avengers…

Before I chat up all things Avengers…I just have to say a big THANK YOU for those who turned up at the book signing yesterday at Changing Hands.  And THANK YOU to Changing Hands!  What a great event.


Earlier this week, I shared with you how cancer has touched my life yet again (CLICK HERE) for the post. Well, that whole process has been overwhelming and saddening. So, at the request of my sweet hubby, he said we should go see Avengers to kind of escape everything, relax for a while, and just…”be”.

He was so right.

Not only was AVENGERS totally awesome like I’d been hearing, it really revived me by providing a great escape. I just love that about books and movies. That’s probably why I gravitate toward the paranormal and fantasy type books/movies!

I’d have to say my favorite characters were Iron Man and Hulk.  Loved Scarlett as the Black Widow, too. Wow. She’s wicked strong. I so want her to play one of my characters in a movie version of my books.  🙂

I loved the constant action in this movie. The special effects were amazing and boy, the characters had some depth!!  Joss Wheden is the BOMB. I seriously saw his humor in this. Great stuff.

Hey, Joss, if any of my books ever become movies, want to come write my screenplays?


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