The Battle of Five Armies

Normally this isn’t my genre, and I never considered even going to the movies until a dear friend of mine, and professed Hobbit nerd, asked me. She suggested we marathon the first two and then go to the premier of the third. 

At first I was reluctant, because, that’s like a billion hours of hobbits and such…but then I thought, “Hey, I get to hang out with her, so it’ll be fun.”

photoWe gathered the DVDs of the first two, snacks, and some yummy drinks, then settled in for the marathon. Holy long movies, but they were good.

We had to make a quick stop at Starbucks for some much needed caffeine, and look what I found –>

A PERFECT gift for the movie-goer, huh?

The third movie…WHEW. Talk about battles. Holy how. 

While it was all a little battle focused for me, I enjoyed the story and the characters. The special effects were amazing and so was the music. 

Have you seen all The Hobbit movies? What’d you think?


3 thoughts on “The Battle of Five Armies

  1. Ok, lemme try this again!

    I have read the book (The Hobbit, not LOTR), and watched all the movies including The Lord of the Rings, and loved every single one of them! When I saw the first installment of the Hobbit, I had complaints of missing or differently made scenes. But of course, that is how all adaptations are made. But still, I loved it. The second was the same. But this last one, Holy batman! I loved every single minute of it! Tears were shed (even my 12 year old cried) in the end! One of the reasons I loved these movies is that even if they were done for many years, they (characters) all still look the same! And you know how they get connected with each other (the two trilogies).

    Didn’t you just love Legolas? *sigh*

  2. Loved it! I read the book, and for the first two movies, it was still fresh on my mind. A little different of course, but holy batman babies! The third was epic! I might have forgotten all about the book, and just loved every minute of that last movie! Tears were shed (even my 12 year old cried), but felt happy in the end. The reason I love these movies is that while they were done for a period of years, (adding the Lord of the Rings) you can still see how they are connected, and they still look the same! Didn’t you just love Legolas? Maybe it was just me, but I loooooved him in both trilogies!

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