The Exorcist–1973

Time for the NUMBER ONE scary movie.

But first. . . here are all of them featured this month:

#8 Candyman

#7  Halloween

#6 Poltergeist

#5  Amityville Horror

#4 Nightmare On Elm Street

#3 The Shining

#2 Pet Sematary

And now. . . the number one scary movie is . . .


The Exorcist



I have to admit. . . I never saw this in its entirety. . .I just couldn’t.

Did you?

What do you think…did I pick the right movie for the number one spot of the top five scary movies? What would you have put as the number one all time scary movie?


10 thoughts on “The Exorcist–1973

  1. I’ve seen and heard this movie in its entirety more than I like. As far as I’m concerned it is one of the scariest movies ever made. It’s a great pick, Lynn! Happy Friday!

  2. Great pick! Pretty scary!

    I think one of the scariest things I’ve watched is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode where these dudes take away peoples voices and then cut out their hearts. Yikes!

  3. I remember my first viewing of this movie; I went to a special midnight screening of it. When my mum heard, she told me tales of how priests and nuns stood outside the movie theatres when it was first released, to bless the people as they exited the movie — they were afraid for their souls. Then she told me how the movie was almost banned.
    The scene is set. I am ready for a scarefest.
    I fell asleep, literally. I was so-o bored; it went on forever!

    Maybe it was because I’d read the book first, NOW THAT is scary!

    Talking of exorcism movies….Exorcism of Emily Rose was scary — but the ‘based on’ a true story might have made it more intense. I don’t know. Even though I felt she wasn’t possessed, it was still edgy. Our ice maker dropped an ice cube in a rather intense scene, and I jumped! hehe

    But the scariest movie…the number one for me?
    If your interested 🙂

    It would be The Grudge — I love horrors that know how to build tension. This movie built me up, then, although I was expecting it, made me jump to the ceiling!
    That noise went through me for a long time after I’d seen it, and the little meowing ghost boy frightened me almost to death. My husband commented on how he had no blood left in his hand when we stepped out of the movie theatre. Yeah, ghosts scare me the most. I think maybe because, to me, it’s more believable to be haunted.

    But I love ghost stories…they’re my fav 🙂

    Thanks for the Halloween trip down movie memory lane. It was a lot of fun!! A lot of ‘behind a cushion’ kinda fun hehe

    The question is…
    Which movie will you be watching on October 31st?

    • Ohhhh…The Grudge. That IS a scary movie. Holy Moly! I’m not sure which movie I’ll be watching this Sunday….we’ll see what’s on AMC….I think they’re running a scary movie day…. Which one are you watching?

  4. Ok, all week I’ve been telling you I didn’t see this movie and I didn’t see that movie because I was too chicken. Well, I did see The Exorcist and I must say, you made the right choice for #1! Over the years, I had to watch this movie in parts, never able to watch the entire movie at once. The sound effects and lighting are so creepy! Having grown up in the DC area, I’ve seen those famous steps in Georgetown. Good choice Lynn!

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