The Hill

The HILL....tough ride up one side, but look at this view going down....

The HILL....tough ride up one side, but look at this view going down....


This past weekend I fell into a mood of contemplation. It doesn’t happen often, but it started with a hill, a song, and this sign.

I know, you might be, like, “Jeez, does Lynn ever not relate something to sports?”

I’d have to say, “Rarely.”

I grew up in an athlete’s home (Dad was a marathon runner/Mom tennis player), sports helped pay for my college, I married a sports nut and athlete . . . So, yeah, pretty much most of my ‘insights’ if you call them that, relate to or are triggered by sports.

This past weekend, we went to Sedona to do a monster bike ride. Mega hills out there.

Sufficient, by Adie Camp was playing while I tried to get up this one hill. I didn’t think I’d make it to tell you the truth. I was totally empty, I am only so strong, right? My abilities can only take me so far. Maybe this hill was just too big for me.

Then these words came rattling over the earphones:

Be my strength lord when my strength fades away.

When I am weak, your strength is complete.

It’s perfectly, completely all I need.

Well, I made it up the hill and at the top took the picture you see to show the curves and a little bit about how much it goes down. I think I hit 35 MPH on that downhill.

But more than the excitement of hitting such a top speed on a road bike, and even more than the thrill of having made it up the other side of that hill, was the gentle reminder of knowing I can’t do it on my own. Because I am weak but HE is strong.

I needed that reminder.

7 thoughts on “The Hill

  1. Chrystie–Oh yeah, Adie Camp is amazing. Her songs are so inspiring. And, her story about how she came to be married to Jeremy. Love those two.
    Rosslyn–So true.

  2. Oh, I love this post. I am going to have to check out that song by Adie Camp. I love her voice. I have a similar post I am working on regarding running. I seem to get inspired a lot while I am running or physically active. Great post! Thanks!

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