The last day…

Boy, I was pretty worried about this last day. We were scheduled to do 84.8 miles from Marshalltown to Cedar Rapids, but let me tell you something. I was going on about four hours of sleep.

See, the night before, while we were tenting in Marshalltown, a mega storm hit. We had to abandon our tents to seek shelter due to a tornado watch. Talk about scary.

And that was after a wonderful day walking around Marshalltown, hitting the Purple Cherry. It was a really cool yogurt shop.

But, despite the storms, few hours of sleep, we made it. Of course, a tail wind of about 15 MPH didn’t hurt!! LOL.

It was a nice break from the previous days head winds.

So, we rolled into Cedar Rapids relatively unscathed. 🙂



Charlie’s dad was there, waiting, so we packed up the car and took off back to Sioux Center.

But not before I snapped a shot of my odometer.

Check it out!

407 miles!

And that 407 miles was done in FIVE days. I never thought I could have done that, but like I mentioned in an earlier post, you just never know what our capable of when pushed. And this bike ride did just that. Thanks to my sweet hubby for carrying me through. He is so strong. My rock.

And thanks to everyone who contributed to the Arizona Pain Train. We raised over $3,000 for cancer on this bike ride!  You guys ROCK.

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