The Men in My Life. . .

There are two very important men in my life. First, my hubby, Charlie. The second, my dad, Don.

This past week I got to spend some AWESOME time with both of them.

It started with an impromptu visit to Sedona to hang out with my dad. We went running through the red rocks of Sedona.

I’m so blessed to be able to run shoulder-to-shoulder with my dad. If you don’t remember, he’s the one who did the 3,100 mile bike ride across the country , so you can guess where I inherited the genes for extreme/endurance sports.

But hey, I’m not complaining. He’s been such a fantastic influence on me. He taught me focus and determination.


The week ended with my sweet hubby having a couple days off from work, so I got to spend tons of time with him.

We started off with a thirty-mileย bike ride, then spent time downtown where I got to eat some SWEET yogurt from MOJOs.

We sauntered around Borders and Barnes & Noble (two of my favorite places), hung out with some friends, then rounded off the weekend by watching movies and eating junk food.

All that time with the two men in my life got me thinking.

I’m really blessed.

They’ve supported me and encouraged me to follow my passion of writing. For that, I’m forever grateful.


So, who are the special people in your life who give you unconditional love and support?



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