The New Year Approaches…

Can you believe Christmas is only a week away?

I’m still getting used to the idea that it’s DECEMBER 2011 already. Soon we’ll be ushering in a new year.

Are you ready?

Are you one to make a list of goals?

I’m usually not, but I have a few things in mind I hope to see happen in 2012. One thing I learned in 2011 is that you can plan, but you never know what life will throw in your face. Thankfully I have a rock-solid faith, rock-solid hubby, and rock-solid friends/family!

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6 thoughts on “The New Year Approaches…

  1. Last year at around christmas time, my father had open heart surgery. We were all pretty much in shock for the end of 2010 & 2011. Thank God he is doing great, but we All appreciate the holidays alot more. I just want to be happy & laugh as much as possible in 2012. Have a Happy Healthy Holiday!!! —Rachel

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