thankyouMichael Hyatt has a stellar blog. I visit it daily.

He put up a post last week that really hit home for me. Check it out:  CLICK HERE.

Anyway, he challenged us to call out five people who influence us. So, here are mine.

Charlie Boeyink:
My husband. Yep. Besides God, Charlie’s the most influential person on my life. He encourages me, leads me, and loves me like no other. He’s such a godly man. He works so hard and provides so well for us that I can’t help but be inspired by him. Thank you, Charlie.

Don Mathieu:
For anyone who’s followed my blog for any length of time had to have known one would be my dad. He’s been such an inspiration to me, especially these past ten or eleven years. For someone who was so focused on the corporate world then retire and begin serving young people through Young Life. He’s now on a 3,100 mile bike ride across America raising money for the organization. Thank you, Dad.

Lynn Boeyink:
Charlie’s Mom. She has an amazing story. The obstacles she’s overcome throughout her life have made her into this amazing, strong, and loving person. Her faith is so abundant it’s inspiring. She’s the first person to have ever read any of my writing and I could have never gotten this far without her encouragement. Thank you, Lynn.

Kirsten Saur:
I met her July, 1990 at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Tennis Camp. Oh boy, God put her in my life for a reason, that’s for sure. She saw through my surly demeanor and loved me, unconditionally. It’s through her mercy and grace that I found Christ. My life was never the same after that tennis camp. Thank you, Kirsten.

Charlie Kost:
He was one of my tennis coaches back in undergrad. I was the seventh man on a six man team and he took me under his wing. He spent time coaching me, helping me get better. I took all that knowledge back home with me after my freshman year and came back even better. Stronger. I got the award for most improved, even. But it was his dedication to the sport and hope in me that propelled me further. He taught the value of hard work. Thank you, Charlie.


I hope you join this and post the five who have influenced your life. Either in the comments here or on your blog.



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