The Prize . . .

Hi, everyone. Lynn here today. David needed a break from this computer technology stuff, it seems.

I mean, he is half-demon, you know? Plus, that chick he met his first night in town here, Beka, has really thrown him for a loop. For some reason, she triggers his demon . . .

Just think, being in total sensory depravation for 245 years, then thrown into the night club scene his first night out?

Talk about sensory overload, right?

Personally, I was surprised he made it this many days. I’m diggin’ David’s contest, though. So, I thought I’d tell you about the prizes he has in mind and give you a couple chances to earn some more entries.

So, here are the prizes:

1.  One $10.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

2.  A box filled with romance novels.

3.  One $10.00 Visa gift card.

4.  An autographed copy of Wasteland once it’s released.

Can I enter since it’s David’s contest???? *grin*


So, here are your chances to earn FIVE entries into the drawing.

Earn TWO entries for leaving a comment here, telling me one good thing that happened to you this week.

Earn THREE entries if you go comment on the post at my agent’s website announcing the Wasteland Book Deal: CLICK HERE


Have a great day, everyone. Be sure to come back tomorrow for This Writer’s Journey.

I’m profiling someone very special . . .



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