The Storm

Flooding in our backyard after only 20-30 minutes of rain. It came down in sheets.

It’s been a little rainy and stormy here in the desert lately, which got me thinking.

And yes, I’m known to have a deep thought once in a while for all those people I imagine saying, “Uh-oh, watch out. . .Lynn’s thinking again. ”

Really, I think a lot. Probably because I always have my ‘writer’s cap’ on, searching for stories, unique characters, or random things for blog posts.

Our bone-dry pond overflowed within 20 minutes the rain came down so hard

Mostly I’m just watching things, processing them in my head for the most part. Sometimes jotting things down in a little notebook, like if I hear a phrase or see something that’s interesting to me.

But the storms we’ve been having, which have left my yard soggy and my pond overflowing in a matter of minutes, got me thinking about how stormy life can get.

This video I took with my camera is telling as well.


After the storm beauty

The rain is pouring and wind is howling. Sure made a mess of things around the house and the neighborhood. I know other parts of the country have seen much worse and have suffered much more than I, but what clenched the deep thought for me were the aftereffects.

The evening sun sliced through the thick, dreary clouds. Its rays bounced off the moisture and gave a beautiful rainbow.

It was a reminder to me that if we can get through the rough patches, the end will be worth it.

I’m not free from struggles, and I’ll never claim to be, but the storms were a nice reminder to me that if I can get through them, everything will work out somehow.

Some call it faith in God, fate, destiny, or whatever,  but I choose to call it faith in God and his plan for me. The end might not be the pretty rainbow, or exactly what I want, but I’ve never been told everything would work out smoothly or be as pretty as a rainbow, either. I’ve just been guaranteed I won’t be alone in whatever I face.

So, I’ll wade through whatever wind and soaking rain is thrown my way and see what kind of rainbow I find at the end.


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