The Story


David here again. I have got Lynn here with me today, telling me the story of how she came to sign with Crescent Moon Press. . .

Lynn: Hey, David. How are you doing with the whole technology thing here on the blog?

David: Testing the limits of my demon’s patience…but my human half is having fun meeting everyone.

Lynn: Yeah, I think I see your nails darkening a little there, should I be worried?

David: No. I’m okay…for now. So, tell me how you were able to get Wasteland sold.

Lynn: Remember back in February when I told you I was going to pitch the book on Well, it was then I was able to talk with CMP co-owner, Marlene, about your story. She liked it and asked for the first few chapters and a synopsis.

David: I do remember that.

Lynn: Well, just over two weeks later, CMP co-owner, Stephanie, emailed me asking for the full manuscript. I got the manuscript emailed to her by five o’clock my time and the next morning, I got up and checked my messages, and I had an email offering a contract.

David: The next day?

Lynn: I know, right? I was so shocked. She later told me she stayed up super late reading it because she liked it so much.

David: Wow. She liked my story. That is hard to believe.

Lynn: Hey, now. Watch those nails, buddy! If you nick me with one of those bad bears who’s gonna write book two?

David: Good point. You better go. I am tired. Have only been out of sensory depravation for a short time. My control is not so good.

Lynn: I’ll stop by again and tell you more later, then. See ya.


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24 thoughts on “The Story

  1. David! How’s it hangin’, buddy? I’m familiar with your story, but I read an earlier version. Can’t wait to see what Lynn’s done with it since then. I’m sure it will be as fantastic as she is. 🙂

    • HI, Kendall. “How’s it hanging?” I have much to learn about this century’s slang. I will pass on the compliment to Lynn.

    • Hello, Rachel. Yes. Unfortunately my demon half has long, black nails, and they tend to come out first when I’m fighting against the demon coming out. After so many years in punishment, the demon is anxious to come out and cause mischief. It gets difficult to control….

  2. Hi, David and Lynn. I’m soooo excited for you both. I can understand why Stephanie stayed up all night reading your story. It’s so totally AWESOME. I can’t wait to see it in print. I’m already a follower of CMP. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ciara. You are so kind. Lynn mentioned you were someone who assisted her with this story. I owe you many thanks.

  3. Ok, now I feel like you, David, not up on the latest technology. I don’t Tweet, so I’m leaving my second comment here, if that’s ok. You better get those nails clipped before you injure Lynn.

    • I think Lynn was more worried I’d scratch her computer keyboard. She is in the middle of writing another story–so she is protective of her precious computer.

    • HI, Jill. I was surprised as well. When I’m forced to wait for things, my demon gets restless. So, it was nice to not have to wait.

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