So, I’m sitting at my computer last night thinking.  I tend to do that a lot.  I was asking God, “Ok, now what?”  

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m “done” with my second novel.  It’s out of my hands for a while as a couple people read and edit it.  I felt almost lost.  Weird, huh?  Almost like I was forgetting something.   It’s so weird when you’ve been so wrapped up in something, working on it daily, and then, it’s no more.  Sure, it’s just temporary, like maybe a couple weeks at the most, but it’s just so weird not to be working on Light of Truth or Darkness Lies  (not sure on the second title yet, just playing with it for now).  

Well, wouldn’t you know it, ideas started popping into my head for the final novel.  I mean, it was like clockwork.  I started sketching out some ideas, new characters, etc.   Then, this morning, I was tucked in behind my hubby biking (we did 22 miles), catching his draft, and I was flooded with ideas.  Conflicts, heartbreaks, and celebrations that my Shelby could experience in this third and final novel.  

I’m anxious to start getting them down in a rough sketch.  I’m one to just write, write, write and not worry about grammar, run ons, etc….just get the beginning, middle, and end roughly done.    Then, I go back and put the flesh on things, twist them around and so on.  

It’s all very exciting.  So, I will PRESS ON and see what God’s got in store for Shelby in this third installment of her adventures as a Protector.

2 thoughts on “THE THIRD BOOK

  1. Yes and Yes. In MY mind, this’ll be the final, but you never know where God will take it. I totally love my character, Shelby. She’s such a diamond in the rough. It’s been fun taking her from the insecure, tattooed, smart mouthed chick into a confident, God fearing young woman (I wright Young Adult). So, yes, I have a lot invested in her. You definitely need the connection to the character to make her real, that’s for sure.

  2. Third and final in a series?

    Don’t you find it difficult to let go of a character you really like to work on a new one? I’ve got a gajillion ideas in my head for another novel, but the connection isn’t there yet.

    I’m excited for you!

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