The Vote is on . . .

Hey, everyone, Emma Martin here. Wow, last week you guys really came through for us when Lynn asked for help thinking of the title for my third book.

Yeah, I call them MY books, even though, technically, LYNN writes them.

But, I’m the subject matter, so I can call them mine, right?

Sometimes I think Lynn only likes me because my crazy demon-fighting  life  makes for wicked-awesome stories to write about.

Not many people have a tattoo on their wrists that glows & burns like the fires of Hades in the presence of the undead, so yeah, I’d say my life is crazy enough to write novels about.


I begged Lynn to let me on the blog to share with you the final choices. . .

Which one do you like best?



<——-Check out the poll in the sidebar and cast your vote, okay?




I know which one I like the best, but will you (or LYNN for that matter) think the same?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. . . I’ll reply back!


13 thoughts on “The Vote is on . . .

  1. Okay, so, I’m liking Violet Storm & it looks like you guys do, too, according to the poll. Let’s see if LYNN does, though. . . .

    • Thanks, Elana. Oh, and I’ve checked out your blog. It’s way awesome. Great stuff over there. As Lynn would say (ad nauseam by the way) . . .Write on!

    • Hi, Rosslyn. Yeah, polls are good. Especially since Lynn can’t come up with titles very well at all! Sure, she can write novels — but titles — not so much. Thanks for stopping by.

    • HI, Jillian–Yeah, my crazy demon-fighting life has lots of potential for many books. . . . . we’ll see if Lynn writes more after this third, but more than likely it’ll be the final book in the series.

    • HI, LBDiamond–I like Violet Storm, too. Lynn captures my storm pretty well in book two, but it’s gonna get worse in book three, though….so I’m thinking that’s a great title. Thanks for stopping by!!

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