The Vote is on . . .

Hey, everyone, Emma Martin here. Wow, last week you guys really came through for us when Lynn asked for help thinking of the title for my third book.

Yeah, I call them MY books, even though, technically, LYNN writes them.

But, I’m the subject matter, so I can call them mine, right?

Sometimes I think Lynn only likes me because my crazy demon-fighting  life  makes for wicked-awesome stories to write about.

Not many people have a tattoo on their wrists that glows & burns like the fires of Hades in the presence of the undead, so yeah, I’d say my life is crazy enough to write novels about.


I begged Lynn to let me on the blog to share with you the final choices. . .

Which one do you like best?



<——-Check out the poll in the sidebar and cast your vote, okay?




I know which one I like the best, but will you (or LYNN for that matter) think the same?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. . . I’ll reply back!


13 thoughts on “The Vote is on . . .

  1. Okay, so, I’m liking Violet Storm & it looks like you guys do, too, according to the poll. Let’s see if LYNN does, though. . . .

    1. Thanks, Elana. Oh, and I’ve checked out your blog. It’s way awesome. Great stuff over there. As Lynn would say (ad nauseam by the way) . . .Write on!

    1. Hi, Rosslyn. Yeah, polls are good. Especially since Lynn can’t come up with titles very well at all! Sure, she can write novels — but titles — not so much. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. HI, Jillian–Yeah, my crazy demon-fighting life has lots of potential for many books. . . . . we’ll see if Lynn writes more after this third, but more than likely it’ll be the final book in the series.

    1. HI, LBDiamond–I like Violet Storm, too. Lynn captures my storm pretty well in book two, but it’s gonna get worse in book three, though….so I’m thinking that’s a great title. Thanks for stopping by!!

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