The Weekend

I sure love pictures of angels. I find tons of them on Photobucket. This one caught my attention. Mostly the color–er–lack of color. Maybe it’s because a few of my characters have wings…but I just love these kinds of picture.


It’s going to be a weekend of rest for me. No work. No exercising. Just rest.

How about you guys?

14 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. I love the angel pictures also. You, rest? I don’t believe it! I think we’ll need some proof of that, Lynn. πŸ™‚ Enjoy! I’ll be running around with my mom this morning, doing some studying and writing this afternoon. Tonight my man and I will be pulling for VCU in the Final Four. Have a great weekend!

  2. This angel has an untouched innocence that warms the heart.
    It is color without having color.

    And as far as this weekend goes-writing. Work on my WIP and Part 3 of Terror at 250 Feet for April 12.

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