First video on MTV:  Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles.  Song released in 1979 video played on MTV August 1981


Look how simplistic it is. But NOW, the graphics in videos are amazing. They’ve changed so much:

Check out Miley Cyrus:   She’s pretty hot right now. This video is tame by comparison to most other artists, but look at the effects. They’ve come a long way from “Video Killed the Radio Star” huh?

The Climb:



What’s the first music video you ever watched?


9 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAY

  1. WOW I haven’t heard this in a while. The classics are always good. YUP, I called this song a classic. That’s right and I’m not afraid to admit it.

  2. Sarah. We didn’t have cable until really late either. We used to watch FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOs. We’d stay up late…it was such a thrill. LOL.

    KM: Oh yeah. THRILLER BABY! That was, like, a MOVIE. Such hype.

    Kat: Oh yeah, Like a Virgin. Remember that? Such an uproar…LOL. Now, yes, tame by today’s standards, huh?

  3. Sarah Salter — Def Leppard was my FAVORITE! Well, that was well after my Duran Duran faze.

    I spent so much time watching videos when I was young, I don’t even remember the first one.

    I do remember the uproar over Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” That wouldn’t even nudge the richter scale today.

  4. Oh, yead! Hair bands 🙂 I turned on to the late night metal videos. I do remember Michael Jackson’s Thriller early on and Ciny Lauper’s Time after Time too 🙂

    Great Then and Now, Lynn 🙂

  5. Well, I was a weird kid… We didn’t get cable until 1987. And then, my Dad (a preacher) wouldn’t let me and my brother watch MTV ’cause it was “trash.” But get real, you know we were watchin’ it every time he was out of the house. 😛 I was into Def Lepard and my brother was into Whitesnake… We were pretty much into the “hair bands.” We also went through a short rap phase. But I got over that pretty fast.

  6. Billy–you’re right. Where’d all the videos go? VH-1 classic has some on Saturday mornings. LOL.

    Tracy–I can’t think of the first video for me, either I think it might have been something Madonna. LOL. Oh yeah, I bet Pat Benatar was an awesome concert.

  7. Ha ha! Nope, I don’t remember the first video I saw, but I do remember this song. Guess they were a bit off prophetically . . . MTV really did seem cool back in the day. I haven’t watched it in . . . well, I guess since I’ve been a teenager, so a couple of years ago (wink). I’ll never forget my first concert though – Pat Benetar. Hehe – thanks for the walk down memory lane! Blessings!

  8. I don’t remember the first video I ever watched, but I do remember seeing Buggles on MTV. Strange, isn’t it, that they never seem to play videos on that channel anymore?

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