Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.

MashM*A*S*H —  ahhh, remember that show? I know it was in the 1980’s that its LAST episode aired, but I remember watching some of the series.

I really consider this the first “medical” show out there.  It had it all.

Action. Adventure. Romance.

Oh, and remember Clinger?

Nowadays, the “doctor” shows sure have changed, huh?

ER photoER just ended.

I’d watched it first when it started,

but then I fizzled out. However,

I watched the finale. That was sweet.

Greys AnatomyGrey’s Anatomy.

I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy.

But I’ve heard it put Dr. McDreamy back on the map.  LOL.

***Do you have a favorite?***

6 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAY

  1. I grew up with MASH, and I feel as though the characters are life long friends. I know the message is anti-war and almost anti-America, but the show is so well done, that it’s hard to remember just how political it really is. I still love to watch it.

  2. I’m a “House” girl myself. He’s like the Simon Cowell of fictional hospitals.

    I love watching old reruns of M*A*S*H
    on TV land and ION. What’s really funny is I can remember not liking that show when I was younger.

  3. Haven’t seen Southland, but I hear it’s pretty good. Nice follow up to ER.

    MONK rules! I love those mini marathons they have on the weekends or holidays. Since I don’t watch TV much (and don’t have a DVR…yeah I’m the only one, right?) I catch up on those marathons. They’re awesome.

  4. I love MASH – still watch it sometimes. In fact, Clint and I frequently use one of the lines from that show when Dr. Burns says “…it’s nice to be nice to the nice…” That was good television!

    I’m with you on ER – used to watch it…FAITHFULLY; like I’d schedule around it. I stopped watching it over the years but did watch the last one as well. Never watched Grey’s Anatomy either.

    I’ve watched House a few times. I like, and at the same time dislike, his attitude.

    I think I stay away from the doctor/hospital shows because it seems that in order to get ratings they tend to have story lines that don’t fall in line with my beliefs and/or something I don’t want my kids to watch.

    Now lets talk about Monk…love that show!

  5. I watched MASH–even had an official army green tee shirt with the logo. Come to think of it, I had one for ER, too. But then, I was an emergency room nurse forever.

    I loved the fast-paced drama of those shows, but always thought they were missing something. Faith. In my long medical career, you can believe I saw plenty of prayers sent heavenward from hospitals–by patients, family, and staff alike. This was the inspiration behind my new medical drama series for Tyndale House. I like to think I’m helping “Grey’s Anatomy find its soul.” And CRITICAL CARE, has Dr. “McSnarly”–some folks are saying he’s better than McDreamy. 😉

    Have you seen SouthLand yet? Police drama. Good story lines and character development. So far. I’m with you that sometimes these shows start out great, then disappoint. Wish I still had that MASH tee shirt.

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