Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.


Ok, you HAVE to admit, KITT was the BEST CAR out there…in the 80s.  LOL



Ok, on to some other cars in the 1980s….

According to this website: CLICK HERE, the BMW was $12,000 and the Mercedes 280 E was $14,800



2009 BMW 4-door 528i sedan is $46,325.00

2009 Mercedes Bez S Class 4 door Sedan is $87,739.00


Ahhh, the 80s….


What kinda car did you drive in the 80s, if you weren’t driving then, how ’bout your parents?  We had a yellow hatchback Chevette, then a hatchback Nissan something or other. When I started driving (1988), I had a 1983 Honda Accord.


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  1. I loved Kitt- he was so cool!

    My first car was a 1986 2-door Subaru- hatchback if I remember correctly.

    Man, did that baby have issues!!! The back windows didn’t close, so they just flapped around when I drove. It didn’t go in reverse, so I had to either park on a hill or find a spot that I could pull through. And, of course, there were times when those options were impossible and I had to put it in neutral and push it out.

    Oh yeah, and the ignition was broken. My dad MacGyvered it by putting an on/off switch in down by my leg that I had to flip on, and a starter button in the glove box that I had to push to start it.

    When I got to college my friends named it The Deathmobile.

  2. Ok, so no one wanted KITT? man oh man. I was so into Knight Rider….. Did I say I was a tom boy? LOL. Wow. I love hearing about all the different kinds of cars you guys had, or your parent drove. What a TRIP!!! Wow, Laura, a car fire. HOLY Moly!! 🙂

  3. In 1985 my hubby and I bought our very first brand new car: a burgundy 1985 manual transmission Toyota Camry — for about $9,000. We drove that car nearly 300,000 miles, until the engine finally caught on fire on day in the grocery store parking lot. Then some other Camry fanatics bought the non-running car from us for $500 and lovingly towed it to their house to use for parts.

    From 1982-85, we drove a succession of clunkers we inherited from our parents: a blue 1969 Chevy Nova (2-speed; this was NOT a muscle car); “The Bomb” – a huge Ford Galaxy, and some kind of humongous station wagon (thankfully, it didn’t have fake wood paneling!).

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  4. I wanted the green convertible that a girl at school owned. (I think it was a Chrysler Sebring, which shows you that I didn’t go to school with “money!”) I was overjoyed, however, when I got a used Ford Escort my senior year. I didn’t think I’d get a car at all, and the only reason I did was because of a bet with my dad. Long story.

  5. I was a kid in the eighties, but I remember my parents driving a bulky Dodge van with a ladder up the back. It was a really large, ugly, beast of a van. In fact, I think we may have even called it “The Beast”.

  6. My folks had a Pontiac, a Mirada and a Taurus. They upgraded every couple of years. (But that’s debatable because how do you upgrade from Pontiac?)

    I always wanted a black 1979 or 1980 Pontiac Firebird with t-tops and a gold chicken on the hood. (Like Smokey & the Bandit.) My husband is rebuilding one in the garage.

    My favorite TV car — I’m with Travis. It’s gotta be the Dolorian. That car has some interesting history behind it.

  7. We pretty muched walked or took the bus everywhere (we were po’ folks), but as always, if given my choice, it would be a full sized pickup. I’m a pickup girl!

  8. Lynn,
    I have a really long story about the whole car thing, but won’t tell it here. Let’s just say my dad took me to get a car, a used one, and much to my surprise he let me get a Camaro!! Oh, was I thrilled. I bought it in 79–but drove it well into the 80’s. It was blue and I LOVED it.

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