Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.



Oh my, look at the technology, the fuzzy videos, oh, and don’t forget the leg warmers.





And NOW:

You can have your very own trainer, work on the most high-tech equipment, and don’t forget the vast improvement in the wardrobe.   🙂




Have you ever tried any of these?


8 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAY

  1. Travis–You’re hysterical. Hanging in the closet….LOL!
    Gzusfreek–Ditto that!
    Allison–Ahhh, travelling…good idea about the DVD and the laptop…nice! Glad you got a laugh.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by you guys.

  2. I myself would pay to see TWI in legwarmers over his Wranglers and boots. Will, just think of them as fancy-pants gaiters. Hmm…maybe I could come up with a bet…

    Anyway, Lynn, this is funny that you bring this up. When I travel (like I have this week), I take a workout DVD to play in my laptop in my hotel room. For some reason, Jane Fonda’s low impact aerobics tape came to mind while I was working out; my sister and I used it all the time in the mid-80s. I had to laugh at the memory. Thanks for the chuckle.

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