Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.





images1You had the big hair, didn’t you?  Or guys, you had a mullet? Admit it…





images-1images-2images-3 chace-crawfordstuffmagawards070I wonder if in twenty years we’re gonna look back at these and laugh like we are at the ones up top.

Ya think?


What are some of the funky things you did with your hair back in the 80s?


11 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAYS

  1. I loved the big hair! I’m waiting for it’s come back hee hee

    -cut in a few layers and add a spiral perm
    -add mouse
    -blow dry by turning your head upside down
    -hair spray at the roots (your head still upside down)
    -if a few places won’t behave by standing up – tease them!

  2. Too funny! The side-tail…may it rest in peace.

    I used to use hair spray like I now use a gel or mousse; it made my hair nice and crispy (toasty) when I was blow drying it.

    May I add that I rather prefer to be able to touch my hair and feel hair now rather than crunch.

  3. Alison–Painful, I know. Man, if someone lit a match near me, I would have burst into flames as well. LOL
    Billy– **smile** My sweet hubby had the little Kirk Cameron mullet going, not too obvious, but present.
    Rosslyn–OH YEAH, curly with straight. I remember. LOL!!!
    Kat–They had to crop the photo? that cracks me up. Reminds me of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (movie). They had a part where they showed their senior photo in the year book. I think they needed cropping too! LOL
    JC–I don’t do any hairspray either. Not sure on the illegal part, but aerosol hairspray should be for sure **wink**
    Amy–I’m all about the flashbacks….ok, not the LSD ones…but you know what I mean. **SMILE** I’m kidding, really!
    Tracy–Oh, I picked up on that Yoda speak…no worries, what you mean I knew!

  4. I always had a variation of a short bob with perm and bangs and seriously teased. Now I’m back to a short bob, but it is straight and sleek. Fun remembering this was though!

  5. Well, this is more early 90’s, stilling clinging to the tail-end of the 80’s, but anyway….it was the teased bangs — didn’t matter what the rest of your hair was, as long as your bangs were taeased and hairsprayed to death.

    I NEVER use hairspray now. I think it should be illegal.

  6. Since “Long Road” takes place mostly between the years of 1980 and 1985, I have lots of fun with hair descriptions in my WIP. Brunette tiaras. hehe.

    One girl in my class backcombed her bangs so high we had to crop it out of the yearbook picture.

    I laugh, but my husband had a mullet up until a few years ago. He looked EXACTLY like Joe Dirt. Sad. Sad.

  7. I did my best to create big hair, but for those of us not naturally endowed with thick, curly locks, it always looked really odd. (At least the thick-haired women looked normal, if a little wild!) My favorite part was the permed long hair with *straight* bangs sprayed into an arch.

  8. Ohhhh, this is the painful part of 80s nostalgia. I’ll build on what you said and summarize in three words…big, bangs, and hairspray. Glad I didn’t get too close to open flames.

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