School Lunches….Oh, remember those portioned, shiny, plastic trays on which the lunch lady slopped food????


Oh, and did you have the little orange punch cards? That’s what we had at my elementry school. In high school we ditched the punch cards, so we just had to remember cash. And heaven forbid we actually leave campus or try and sit somewhere other than the lunchroom. Remember the sloppy joes? Salisbury steaks? Meatloaf surprise?


Oh, but NOW…..



Students can leave campus with a pass, they get catered in from Pizza Hut, Jamba Juice, and Teriyaki bowls, and they have choices of a salad bar.  Vending machines scatter the campus and some even still have soda 🙂


Wow, quite a difference, huh?

What were your lunches like?



  1. LOL! Our catering service at one school I attended was SO bad that the teachers started holding a giveaway drawing in the cafeteria every Wednesday to raise student morale.

    The worst thing they served was turnip greens. (We were in the South.) Turnip greens are not tolerable under the best of conditions. These tasted like rancid garbage.

  2. I forgot all about lunch punch cards. You just whisked me right back to high school.


    I can almost taste the really bad pseudosoy burgers. Wait. That was supposed to be beef? What?


  3. Alison, you’re too funny. I didn’t like high school/junior high lunches at all, but college food service, now THAT was good!!! LOL. Oh, and in my town, we did the senior high as 10-12 as well! WOW 29 cent tacos……..dont’ see that much anymore do ya?

  4. This is funny, Lynn.

    Can I share a secret? (whispering) I actually liked the school lunches. I know, crazy. You see, I had a sack lunch almost every day in elementary and junior high. Once a week, though, I was allowed to eat a hot lunch at school…it almost felt like eating out! At the beginning of the month, we’d get the menu. I’d giddily circle for my mom the one day of each week that I wanted to buy my lunch. I felt like I was big time!

    In high school (10th-12th in our town) we were spoiled with open-campus lunch. In the beginning I was stubborn…my mom wanted me to still take my lunch, but I wanted to go out with my friends each day so I wouldn’t be left on campus. She tallied up what was spent on sack lunches each week and gave me that for lunch money: $3 and change each week. In my stubbornness I honed in on Taco Bell, which had a 29-cent taco special that year. I’m still amazed that I ate fast food every day and never gained an ounce! Ah, the good ol’ days.
    Sorry this is so long…thanks for the memories!

  5. Tracy–ewwww, you crack me up, girl! So, you guys got McDonald’s at school lunches???? Holy moly, I went to a lame school. Man, it was strict. Couldn’t even hang outside. It was like a class or something….

    Gzusfreek–My lunch card was ORANGE. I remember the lunch lady had to use a hole puncher to clip out the day I used it on. Funny the things I remember.

  6. School lunches, eewww! Of course, when I was little, I ate anything that was offered. When I was a teen, I ate mostly McDonalds for lunch (and haven’t really been able to eat there much since) and for breakfast it was always a Suzy Q and Hawaiian Punch – talk about a sugar rush!

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