Did you have  a  TV growing up? Did it look like this?


tv-braun-fh-1959I guess TVs have been aroud since the 30’s.

Tiny little boxes with a small screen.

And of course…

In black and white, right?

Does this picture look familiar?

Oh, and only one per househouse, IF able to afford it. They cost around $696.00, so I’m told.

But NOW…..

Philips LCD from 2006

Philips LCD from 2006

Now, they come in every size imaginable, almost.

They’re super thin with huge screens.

A 46-inch Samsung might run you about $1700.

Digital everything.

Often households have more than one TV.

Even mounted under kitchen cabinets. tv-under-kitchen-cabinet

I could go on,

but I think you get the picture.



Crazy the changes, huh?

I wonder what’s going to be available fifteen years from now…



  1. It is amazing. The other day I was thinking about how my daughter has no recollection of the first cell phones–those big flip phones with the huge chargers. She doesn’t know what life is like without computers, Internet, and email. Goodness, I remember when we got our first VCR!

  2. Kat—Yeah, that’s true!!!! Man, those old ones were heavy!

    Suzanne—Awesome story. Wow, you remember the first show you watched, huh? SWEET

    Janelle—LOL, that’s funny. I don’t remember much about our TVs growing up, only that we had one downstairs, and I think it was a small Zenith…..

    Gzusfreek—You’re right. They could go that direction (small)…with all the handheld stuff….interesting to see what happens, huh?

    Billy—Fonzie. LOL. You crack me up. Yeah, we have a Plasma and LCD that hang on the wall. I remember the first time we did that, and ran the wires behind the wall. I thought I was sooooo cool. LOL. Nice picture though, huh? 🙂

  3. When I was a kid, our television had to be turned on with a pair of tweezers because the button had fallen off. And every so often you had to get up off the sofa and bang on the top to get the picture right. It was awesome. I felt like Fonzie.

    Now I have an LCD hanging on the wall, a remote control to turn it on, and the picture is, well, picture perfect.

    But I don’t get to feel like Fonzie anymore, and that’s just kinda sad.

  4. I have an active imagination, but I think the future will bring smaller not bigger. Watching TV on phones and other devices – everyone watching a different show.

    Funny the big cabinet we had around our TV when I was a kid was equal in size to the big screen I have now, it’s just most of the old one was a wooden encasing – not the screen.

    Fun post!

  5. My dad was (is) is an electronics junky so we usually had something “cutting edge.” I don’t really remember out tv’s – we had two: one on the main floor and one downstairs.

    But now, if you want to talk microwaves….

  6. We had a black and white TV until I was 11. My parents bought it as an early Christmas present for themselves and the first show we watched in color was the Andy Williams Christmas special (one of my Mom’s favorites). I remember the first time we watched Gilligan’s Island in color and we were surprised to discover that the Captain’s shirt was blue and Gilligan’s red. LOL

  7. They may be super huge with large screens, but they’re still lighter than those boxes with tiny screens. 🙂

    My grandparents and parents both hand those HUGE console models back in the 70s. They were pieces of furniture in themselves!

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