Okay, so, this is a different flare to the normal Then and Now Thursday….but I couldn’t resist.  Wait, maybe I should have saved it for the Friday Funnies, huh?  I mean, check it out. Big hat, missing my two front teeth, oh, and that little shirt — what IS that anyway???

Sheri and Grams and Gramps

Yep, that’s me in the middle.

Puny, little, scrawny me. Can you see the two front teeth are missing?

I saw this while viewing the memorial DVD my step-dad, Ed, made for Grams’ funeral.

Yeah, this brought me to tears.

Of both laughter and sadness.

I guess that’s kind of what funerals are like, huh?

Memories that make you smile and sadness at what you will miss now that the person you cherish is gone.

This picture brought back fond memories of fishing with the grandparents, goofing around in the back yard until I could hardly stand I was so tired, and eating cake donuts.


Have you ever stumbled across an old picture that brought you back in time?



  1. This is such an adorable pic! What great keepsake of your grandparents. . .Nice post, Lynn. I put a pic of me and my daddy up for father’s day at Just love him 🙂

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