THEN AND NOW THURSDAYS– sports edition

Coca-Cola anyone?


Have you ever sat and reminisced about what was popular when you were a kid? Well…. “Then and Now” Thursdays is right up your alley.


So, you may be asking, “I thought this was sports week….what’s up with the Coke commericials?”

Well, Super Bowl commericals of course.  🙂

The Super Bowl is almost as well know for its commercials as it is for its wardrobe malfunctioning half-time shows….So, I thought commercials would be a great thing to look at during Then and Now Thursdays.




This one was from 1965





Yowsers, quite a difference, wouldn’t you think?


So, what was YOUR favorite Super Bowl commerical this year?


8 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW THURSDAYS– sports edition

  1. Alison–I saw that one with Richard Dean Anderson too. It cracked me up!
    Gzusfreek–I didn’t see that one. I didn’t watch the entire game. I remember the baby one from last year, though, and that was great!
    Rosslyn–I liked that corny 50s commerical as well. Man, there are so many commericals with questionabe marketing tactics…they are almost worse than some of the shows. Jeepers.
    Tracy—Oh the bears. They rule. I almost used that one here!
    Sarah–Smack, Smack! Just kidding. I didn’t watch much of it. Just had it on in the background. I can’t stand football. Give me baseball any day over football.
    Donna–Hey, for fried chicken, I’d watch a game 🙂

    Thanks for stoppin’ by everyone.

  2. Well, I confess to not watching the commercials. My teen and pre-teen nephews came over to watch the game and I didn’t know how risque they’d be. Some years the commercials are pretty raunchy.

    The only reason I watched the game – am not into sports or football – is because of the boys and their parents. My sis made a great dinner-fried chicken and fixings and we had a yummy party.

  3. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl or the commercials (don’t hit me!). I know it’s a great American pasttime, but I don’t get what all the fuss is about. (Seriously, don’t hit me!)

  4. Ok, that was a great commercial. But my favorite commercials ever are always the Coca-Cola Bears commercials that come out at Christmas. My favorite Super Bowl commercial(s) would definitely have to be the Anheuser Bush Clysdale commercials – though they weren’t quite as good as last years. That one made me cry!

  5. As the youngest of four sisters, I was always trying to attract attention to myself. I remember standing on the hearth of the fireplace and pretending I was on stage.

    Once, when I was about four, I made up an entirely new set of words to the Pepsi jingle: “Catch that Pepsi spirit, if you can, if you can, if you can…” Mine had someting to do with catching a train. I can’t remember the whole thing, but my parents got out their old movie camera and taped it. (This was before the time of dinosaurs, so its preserved on this old soundless reel-to-reel movie.)

    Apparently I wanted to attract a lot of attention to myself, because for some reason I was wearing pantyhose on my head. (I guess I pretended it was long hair — something I never had and always wanted.)

    OK. Now, that I’ve embarrassed myself, I’ll go away now. 🙂

  6. I really like the 60s Coke commercial: “Lifts your spirits and gives you energy! For extra fun, take more than one!” I also like all the footage of partially-clad people running around on the beach, especially because they look like attractive, real people, not lipsuctioned supermodels. 🙂

    Today’s Coke commercial freaks me out. The grossest part is those French-kissing tribbles. Then, there’s the creepiness of snowmen falling like French aristocrats into a guillotine-style basket.

    Why on earth does Coke think that we will be attracted to a world where steampunk meets Salvador Dali? (Steampunk isn’t so bad by itself, but without the Victorian clothes, it doesn’t hold the same appeal for me.)

    OK – that’s my rant. Good topic!

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