#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Loosen the noose.


We are our own worst critics. Have you heard that phrase before?

It’s so true. We can knock ourselves down and belittle our behaviors better than anyone.

It’s almost like the bad stuff is just easier to believe or something. Ever notice that?

It’s especially true when we have a pretty naughty past. It’s as if all the bad stuff we’ve done years ago is choking us. Like a noose around the neck.

Sure, remembering poor choices from the past helps us see the errors we’ve made and hopefully keeps us from making the same mistakes. I get that.

But when it taints each and every day so that we constantly belittle ourselves, that just leads us toward the shame spiral. And we can get stuck there, focusing on how horrible we were. The mistakes we made. How we hurt people.

And so on.

Loosen that noose, my friends. We’ve all screwed up and have baggage. But you’re stronger and bigger than your past. You’ve learned from your mistakes and have become a better person because of it.

Focus on that. Cling to that, and keep moving forward.

Loosen that noose.

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