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Perfection is the enemy.


There’s this great song called Free To Be Me, by Francesca Battistelli that mentions how perfection is the enemy.

That really struck me today. I hear about and see this desire to be perfect everywhere. Mostly online, when we’re posting all the great highlights and fun times of our life.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to focus on those and it helps us stay positive and such. But it can also put a lot of pressure on us to keep things perfect, positive and amazing 24/7.

That’s a lot of pressure. Because we aren’t perfect. Not even close. But if we’re putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect and we fail, which we will, it hits us hard.

And sometimes hard enough to knock us right off our feet so much that we can’t get up.

Now, I’m not saying to start posting all the ugly we see or experience, not at all. I’m just saying to step back from the pressure to be perfect. It’s ok. It’s real. It’s normal. When imperfection hits, we aren’t stupid or bad. We are human.

Let’s grow from it and work on moving forward, getting stronger and learn from our imperfections.

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