#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Let the light shine in.


Ever done something embarrassing or that you’re ashamed of?

**Raises hand**

What’s your first instinct when it comes to something shameful or bad?

Hide it. Cover it up. Bury it.

Lies. Guilt. Shame—They all LOVE the dark. Problem is, it’s all still there, just hidden. It’s not getting dealt with or addressed. Which means it’s festering like a wound that’s going to get infected and spread pain into your blood, affecting other areas of your body.

Let the light shine in on that junk. Then you can see it, address it and move past it. It’s uncomfortable as all get out, but so needed.

Anyone watch the TV series Friends? There’s an episode where Chandler finds Miss OCD Monica’s messy closet.

You remember that one?

The light spilled in on a chaotically messy pile of stuff. Things thrown in there haphazardly. She worked pretty hard to keep that closet hidden.

In the dark.

She was ashamed and worried people would find her secret and freak about it and her.

But the light showered her insecurities in acceptance, along with some laughter and teasing—all good natured laughing and teasing. But the main thing, her friends still loved her.

So will yours. No matter what’s hiding in the dark corners of your life, you can get through it.

Your true friends and family will not leave you.

Let the light shine, my friends.

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