#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Use your imagination.


Our imagination is powerful. It can be super awesome…or a super downer.

I have a crazy imagination. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer and I imagine things that are pretty out there.

For example, I’m out running and I hear something in the bushes I’m running by.

My mind can wander into some pretty crazy scenarios like vampire bunnies from outer space. Or the gigantic spider-type creature about to spin a web around me and….

Ok. You get the idea.

Our imagination is very powerful. Not just when finding story ideas for the next book, but in daily life.

How we envision our lives. Where we see our lives going. What our next step in life is.

If our minds go down a dark, negative path, our lives can go that direction. That’s especially easy when our mind is currently in a dark place. Or when our life is in a dark place.

Let your imagination help. Not just to escape into a fantasy world, but to see ourselves getting out of the funk. Envisioning our lives taking a positive change.

If our mind is focusing on and picturing positive changes, then our life can take those steps, too.

So let your imagination go!

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