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What’s love got to do with it?


I bet you thought I was going to talk about the Tina Turner song, huh?

Not today. I was reading something about a father’s love, and this phrase popped into my head.

What’s love got to do with it?

That kind of thing always happens to me. I could be walking down the street and an idea for a novel is triggered by something I saw. Or heard. I’ve just learned to go with it. 😀

Well, this morning it was the word love. What does love really have to do with anything?

I believe it’s the base of everything. Love for God, ourselves, others, our job, family, health.

You even love people you don’t really like or agree with. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “I love you, but right now I don’t really like you.”

Admit it, you’ve thought that about your spouse, friend or significant other, right?

It’s ok. You’re not evil. You’re human. And it’s true. You can love someone and not really like their decisions or behavior. But you stick with them (and they with you) through the unlikeable behaviors.

Now this doesn’t apply to those who are physically in danger from someone. You can still love them, but you might not be able to stay with them for safety reasons.

I’m very grateful I have a God, spouse, friends and family who love me throughout my unlikeable behavior. It gives me freedom and courage to try things. It gives me a solid base.

It’s not a license to be a jerk, by any means, but It gives me confidence knowing they’ll always be there for me.

So who’s the unlikeable person you need to love in your life?

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