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Find your grit.


We hear a lot about this word, GRIT. But what does it mean?

By definition it is: firmness of character

Ok that’s all good. But what does that mean? I found a couple of interesting definitions of character:

the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.


Moral or ethical quality.

Wow. Those are some powerful words used in those definitions. Morals. Ethics. Traits.

I suppose our grit is how hard we hold onto those morals and traits, huh? What do we believe and how set on those beliefs are we?

Challenging thoughts, that’s for sure. Do you know the answer? I like to think i have a pretty good grasp on my character. But one thing I do know…it’s a process of continued growth and development. Because people will challenge you and your beliefs. They will try to break them down. Maybe even go as far as telling you you’re wrong and horrible for what you believe.

That’s on them, my friends. You can only control you and how you respond/behave. Love on them and respect them, but find your grit and hold fast to your character.

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