#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Get out the umbrella.


I live in the desert, so I rarely need an umbrella. But when I do, I never seem to have one.

Like ever.

I try and be prepared, yet sometimes it just doesn’t work. The rain soaks me. Most of the time it’s a warm rain and quite tolerable, but sometimes, it can chill me to the bone.

It’s the same with struggles in life. You can prepare for them, but sometimes they catch you off guard and throw you for a loop.

They might feel so heavy that you’ll crumble beneath them. But you are stronger than you think.

I read this awesome devotional today about how we are meant to experience things to help us grow. But we are not meant to become the problem.

What we’re struggling with doesn’t need to define us, doesn’t need to consume every aspect of our life. We’re meant for more than that. It might be something we’re facing, but it doesn’t have to become our character. It doesn’t have to own every second and every aspect of our lives.

So get your umbrella out and let that rain bounce right off you. And if you happen to get a little wet…no worries you won’t melt.

Stay strong, my friends.

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