#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Turn on the light.


I pretty much live my life by these three things, Hope, Faith and Love.

The greatest of these is love, but I talk about that a lot here on The Running Writer. Hope is another of my favorites. If you think about it, it can sometimes be totally illogical.

That’s what’s so cool about it. I have hope in the face of anything, just like I do love. But hope is what keeps my spirits alive. My attitude positive.

When my hope dims, my attitude and outlook on life dims as well.

My feelings got trampled recently. My hope in humanity dimmed a little and I fell down a spiral of hurt and anger.

It’s easy to stay there once you start tumbling down that spiral. But it’s hope that shook me out of it.

Hope that tomorrow will be better. Hope that I’ll grow from this. Hope that my relationship with the people involved will be stronger.

When things are looking dim, turn on the light of hope.

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