#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Chase your destiny.


I write novels, and in most of them, there’s a destiny involved. Lots of people don’t dig on the “Fated Love” thing. You know, how there’s someONE out there just for you. Or some THING you’re supposed to do that only you can do.

I love it, though. And I kind of believe it in the real world, too. I think we’re all supposed to do things. Not just that ONE single thing that’ll save the world, like in my novels, but many things.

Figuring your destiny out is a life long adventure. You have to chase after your destiny. Search it out and jump into it.

It might be exactly what you expected or something out of left field. I had NO idea I was to write over 40 novels. I had NO idea I was meant to work in a church. I had NO idea I’d run a 50-mile trail race or the Boston marathon. I had NO idea I’d find my soulmate when I once rejected the whole idea of love and marriage.

Life’s an adventure. It can get scary. It can get hard. But you are strong. Enjoy the journey, my friends.

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