#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Fight the war on your knees.


There’s a great song out there by Manafest called Pray. Specifically this part:

I used walk this road alone

I used to fight with sticks and stones

But now I know what I believe

This battle’s won on my knees.

It hit home for me one day that these words are pretty accurate. I choose prayer, and for some of you that might not be your thing. But slowing down and meditating or being still to just think things through might be worth a try.

Sometimes we’re fighting so hard, staying so active and busy, that when we stop and pray things get clearer. We slow down enough to hear what we should be doing. What we can do to get through whatever we’re facing.

I find strength in that, because when I’m struggling I feel all alone—but I’m not. I’ve got a big God behind me. Friends and family who support me.

I am not alone, and neither are you!!

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