#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Tap into your warrior.


Doesn’t it feel like you’re constantly in a battle? Work stuff. Family stuff. Life…..

It can feel that way sometimes. During difficult seasons just waking up feels like a major battle, let alone getting out of bed and facing the day.

But we are warriors. Put on your armor and face today with confidence.

My armor is a positive attitude and hope. Lots of frustration and nasty can bounce off of that.

But how do I get that armor? For me, I start my day out quiet. I do a little devotion, pray, drink some coffee, do a little writing, and then do some exercise.

Yeah, it means I have to wake up pretty early, but that’s ok. It allows me to start out slow and on my terms. If I wake up and am running from minute one, it’s harder for me to stay positive.

How do you tap into your warrior?

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