#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Be a coffee filter.


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase about how the only constant thing in this world is change.

Well, that’s true. Along with good and bad stuff happening to us. It’s how the world works.

The only thing we can control is our behavior. How we respond to the change, the good & bad stuff.

And that all depends on our filter.

Just like a coffee filter holds back the grinds so they don’t get into your coffee, your filter holds back the junk tainting your world.

Take change for an example. Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, scary, difficult. All of those thoughts can lead to some pretty negative feelings, which can lead to pretty negative behavior. Which then can seep into the people around you, spreading negativity.

But if you have a filter of joy and optimism, it can change everything.

Soon change becomes a fresh start. An adventure. A time to grow and expand yourself. An opportunity to grow.

Same with bad things that happen in life. Having a filter of faith and hope helps reduce the fear that’s almost always involved in sticky situations. It won’t remove it, but during the storms, having faith that, in the end things will work out, it calms the fear a bit.

That, in turn, means you can step through the rocky times with a wee bit more peace.

What’s your filter?

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