#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Unlock the doors.


Doors open and close on us throughout our lives. Some when get slammed. It can start to dictate our actions. Ever notice that?

Like if a door shut on an opportunity once or twice, you might quit trying.

As an author, doors are often shut to me for various reasons. The story didn’t click with the editor. Timing wasn’t right. Characters are too old for YA or too young for adult. The romance isn’t steamy enough. Couldn’t connect with characters.

See. That’s lots of doors shut. I should quit, right? Why even try anymore?

I’ve been tempted to quit before, but the stories keep coming. So I keep writing. If anything, I write to quiet the voices in my head as Lord Byron says.

Don’t let the doors shutting stop you, my friends. Forge a key and unlock the doors.

I know I may never hit a bestseller list again, and that’s ok. I love writing. Telling stories. Talking to readers. So I’ll keep doing it. I’ll keep unlocking the doors with each story I write.

Stay strong, my friends.

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