#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Silence can be deadly.


I sometimes enjoy silence when I’m fussing around the house. It feels peaceful. Like my mind has a time to rest from all the junk getting thrown at it all day long.

But when it becomes deadly is when you stop talking. When you are angry, hurt, or frustrated, silence is not the answer.

It not only hurts those around you, it hurts yourself. Keeping things in allows the feelings and words that need to get out to poke at you like red-hot pokers.

It can take you down a dark and nasty spiral.

Sure. If you’re super mad and need time to cool off before talking—by all means do that. Just let the person you’re angry with know you need cool-down time.

But come back to it.

You have to come back to the conversation. Otherwise it’ll just fester. Nothing gets solved. Anger will grow into something ugly.

So hang in there. Even though talking ugly stuff through isn’t fun, it’s needed.

Stay strong, my friends.

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