#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Don’t let fear take the wheel.


There’s always a chance you might not succeed at something you try.

But there’s also a chance you might.

I remember weighing these odds when jumping into the publishing world. Letting someone read your book is pretty scary. It’s like baring your soul to a stranger who might pulverize it into dust.

And then….when it actually got published, I was baring my soul to anyone who might read it.

Yeah. You bet I was scared.

Still am each time my agent sends out one of my books to a publisher, each time I post a chapter online, or each time I publish a book.

Will people like it?

What will people say?

Will people laugh?

What if I get bad reviews?

The fear is real, but I don’t let it control me. I won’t!

Sure. I’ve had books flop more than I’ve had books hit a bestseller list.

And that’s ok. I will not let fear drive my decisions. As long as the stories keep coming, I will write.

They may not ever get published, but that’s ok.

I may never be known as one of the greatest authors out there, but that’s ok.

I will not let fear take the wheel.

Is fear driving your car or are you?

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