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Prepare for doubt attacks.


I’ve been asked several times how I stop the doubt and negative self talk.

I think one thing that helps is knowing that I’ll never stop it completely. It’ll come back from time to time.

But knowing that is half the battle.

I wish self-doubt and negative talk could disappear forever, but I’m not perfect. Life is not perfect. It’ll throw things at me that’ll trigger my negative chatter.

So I have to prepare. That way, when it hits me, I am ready.

One thing I do when it hits is to try and reverse it. If I’m thinking I am undertrained for a race. I go over all the training I HAVE done and tell myself that I am strong. I’ve done the training. I can do this.

If I have a bad eating day (cookies, chips, chocolate, etc), I remind myself that it was just one day. I am not perfect. My training will not be ruined by that one day. I will win tomorrow.

It’s so easy to slide into all-or-none, very black-and-white thinking, “I failed today so I’m just gonna give up.” Or “It’s useless, I’m not strong enough.”

Instead try this, “I didn’t win today. But I will win tomorrow.” And to strengthen that, have an accountability person you can have check in with the following day. Or a partner you’re going to check in with daily.

It’s not weak to have help. I do. I’m not perfect, and knowing someone will ask me helps keep me on task.

What do you need to do to prepare for the next doubt attack?

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