#TheRunningWriter QOTD

What if…..


What if is the start of a powerful question that can change your life.

They can lead you down the road of fear and pessimism or down the road of adventure and dreams.

Use it for the dreams.

I use it in my writing world all the time. Everyday things such as hanging out in a coffee shop can turn into an adventure.

Someone might walk into the shop and I ask myself, “What if she’s in here to hide from a vampire?” Or “What if that barista is an alien, studying us over-caffeinated humans?” Or while I’m out running on the trails and I hear a shuffle in the bushes beside me….

Other what ifs that have led me on adventures are “What if I try to run a 50-mile race?” “What if I could do a rim-to-rim run across the Grand Canyon?”

My what ifs have led me and will lead me on some pretty fantastic adventures. Memories I will never forget.

Where will your what ifs take you??

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