#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Small steps = Big climbs.


When people find out I run ultra marathons, I inevitably get asked two questions.

First one: “How many miles is an ultra?” When I answer that it’s pretty much 31 miles or farther and that I’ve done a 50-mile and a 31-mile ultra they ask me the second question: “Do you run the entire time?”

They often look at me like I’m crazy until they hear the answer to that second question— No. I do not run every single mile in an ultra.

Now those professional runners—yeah, I bet they don’t walk much at all. But me? I’m just a regular girl doing some challenging adventures—so yeah, I walk.

Quite a bit actually.

But that’s ok. No matter what mountain you’re facing, whether it’s a literal mountain you’re climbing or a life obstacle— the key is to keep taking steps.No matter how small, you keep moving, and the end result will be a big climb.

Sometimes HUGE.

The hard part is to keep moving. When I look ahead and see how steep the next hill is after 30 miles of literal climbing, I sometimes get overwhelmed. Doubt creeps in. I start to focus on hard this is or how tired my muscles are.

That’s when I work to remind myself that I am strong. I’ve made it the last 30 miles, I can do this next one.

I often dedicate my miles to people as well. Spend the time focusing on, praying for, thinking about someone who is struggling with cancer or frustrating life circumstances. I do those steps for him/her.

So dig deep, my friends, you can make it up whatever mountain is looming over you. Small steps will get you a big climb!

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