#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Grab your floaty.


When I was a kid, living in the Midwest, I was at home with my family and there was a wicked storm outside. After a particularity loud clap of thunder rattled the house, we smelled smoke.

Worried, dad, mom and I searched the house and found the cause. Lightning had struck my bedroom window and blew out the wall.

And yeah, my bed was right up against that very wall. Thankfully I hadn’t been sleeping there!

Storms are scary. Sometimes violent and destructive. The same can be said with the storms of life. Mega health problems. Financial woes. Trouble with bullies at school. Frustrating co-workers.

Just like the storm that cremated my bedroom wall eventually faded away to sunny skies, so will the life storm you’re navigating.

It might get pretty gnarly and rough during the storm, and you might feel like you’re going to drown, but you can make it through.

Grab a floaty to stay above water. My faith is a huge one of my floaties. It gives me an underlying peace that is unshakable and ever-present. It doesn’t take away my problems or pain, it just helps it remain bearable.

My friends are another main floaty for me, too. I have a couple I rely on for everything. Sharing the good, bad, and ugly. And that does include ugly crying. 😀

The key is to find who or what is going to be your floaty through the storms, and you’ll make it. And don’t be afraid to grab for them when you need them. We’re meant to live life together.

Stay strong, my friends.

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